Growing Your Retirement Dreams

Retirement Planning

Having sufficient means to ensure an enjoyable and financially comfortable retirement depends on careful planning begun long before we retire. Unfortunately, planning for a goal that is years away often gets sidetracked by more immediate financial goals and demands e.g. buying a home or children education costs etc. Recent statistics suggest that most Indians aren’t saving adequately for retirement, and many aren’t saving at all. Unfortunately, the danger of following a “live for today” philosophy may be that you’ll arrive at retirement with too few resources to meet your needs adequately. 

Selecting the perfect match

Planning for retirement is becoming really complex. It causes stress and anxiety especially who are on the verge of starting to plan for their retirement. Different and divergent investment options, fluctuating interest, inflation rates and other variables leaves a person very confused. This leads to difficulty in determining how much is needed, where to invest and who is to be relied upon. We help by working with you in determining the perfect options for investment matching your variables. 

Customizing your different Investment Strategies

To put the situation bluntly: We should not assume that retirement is a stage of life that will simply take care of itself. Having a relatively comfortable retirement instead of one subject to substantial (even severe) financial constraints will almost certainly require careful planning, thoughtful choices among investment options, and constant vigilance over the long term. We should consider the following issues and how they will affect our situation:

  • Our retirement expenses may be far higher than we could have imagined.
  • Investment returns may be lower—or at least less consistent—than we project.
  • Inflation and taxes may take a more substantial toll on our investments than we anticipated. 

These caveats aren’t cause for panic. We guide and help in this complex process by customizing short, medium and long term investment strategies based on personal objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and current financial situation. 

Estimating Retirement expenses

Most of us are often confused about our post retirement budgets and expenses e.g. how much will be the fixed expenses. How much income overall will we need? How much can we expect to receive from our retirement savings? What about pensions, if any etc. A general rule of thumb is that retirement income equal to 75% of pre-retirement Income pay should allow us to maintain our standard of living. However, many people retire quite comfortably on a lesser amount. We work with you in helping you with a realistic estimation of your retirement expenses in today’s rupee value thereby helping you in deciding where and how much money can be parked to ensure a comfortable retirement money-wise. 

Decide early Retirement possibilities

 Almost all of us want to retire early and enjoy our retirement. But we are confused regarding the financial implications on retirement e.g. whether we are presently on track to be able to pay these anticipated expenses. If you are planning an early retirement the sooner you perform this exercise, the more time you will have to make any necessary adjustments both to the rate at which you will be required to set money aside and to the investment strategy you are using to build an adequate retirement fund. We work with you in determining whether you are presently on track to be able to pay these anticipated expenses and suggests the much needed modifications, which we are sure will be going to be there.

Saving and Investing for Retirement

our current life-event objectives and retirement goals. As retirement nears, it’s natural for investment strategies to become more conservative. Since interest rates generally rise as the inflation rate rises, we should not invest all our assets in fixed-income securities that mature at the same time. In any case, risky investments should be minimized or eliminated because it can erode the retirement fund—particularly if we are nearing retirement and have already met your retirement accumulation goals. We guide by recommending diversification strategies which reduces the risk of having to absorb devastating losses in retirement fund. 

Just do it!

You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it.

Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials — much to live on and much to live for

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