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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a continuous process which is driven and defined by Individuals personal and financial needs, goals and values in life. People often confuse the term Financial Planning with Investment Planning, Portfolio Management or Tax Planning. We help you understand what is financial planning and the myths surrounding the same.


Insurance & Risk Management

Nobody likes to discuss death… illness…what happens if an accident occurs and you are unable to work. But! We see incidences like this happening everyday and we probably convince ourselves saying “This will not happen to me!” We know insurance can give us that peace of mind, but we get confused with thousands of insurance products in the market. We help you design your and your family’s financial safety net. 


Retirement Planning

We often hear people say that they want to retire, and most say “the sooner, the better.” But more than 60% of Indians between the age of 18 to 35, and a 30% of those between 36 to 54, have not begun to save for retirement.  We help you determine where you stand financially regarding retirement and what is to be done about it.

Our Services

Addressing your Personal Finance quandaries and Building a Comprehensive Plan for your Future

Investment Management

People get bogged down in the morass of the thousands of investment choices out there and the often-conflicting perspectives on how to invest. We help you grasp the important “bigger picture” issues that can help you ensure that your investment plan meshes with your needs and the realities of the investment marketplace.

Tax Planning & Advisory

Tax planning is an integral part of every individual’s financial growth story. It results in maximizing cash inflows and minimizing the cash outflows. Tax is a cost and the reduction of the same increases profitability. We guide in streamlining tax payments in a manner that will offer substantial returns over a period of time with minimum risk.

Estate Planning

Individuals put off estate planning because they think they don’t own large assets, they are not old enough, they are busy, think they have plenty of time, they are confused and don’t know who can help them, or they just don’t want to think it. Then, when something happens to them, their families have to pick up the pieces. We help you to plan in leaving your legacy and utilization of the same as per your wishes.

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Excellent service, very professional. Very informative and always emailed/phoned back very quickly. Definitely recommend the Finance Gyan.
Anand Mathur
IT professional
Had a great experience with Finance Gyan. They took all the pressure and worry from me during these long 5 months, and did an amazing job! Thank you😊
Rakesh Kumar
Director at Dynamic
Brilliant service. Thank you for your dedication. I thought we'd never get there but your consistently hard work and determination got us over the line. I cannot recommend enough
Subhojit Mukherjee
Government Employee
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