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Investment Management

Making wise investments doesn’t have to be complicated. However, many investors get bogged down in the jungle of the thousands of investment choices out there and the often-conflicting perspectives on how to invest. Before we select a specific investment, we should determine our investment needs and goals. Why are we saving money — what are we going to use it for? We do not need to earmark every rupee, but we should set some major objectives. Establishing objectives is important because the expected use of the money helps us determine how long to invest it. And that, in turn, helps us determine which investments to choose.

Help you understand the primary investments

The investment world is full of buzzwords, jargons and products which are tossed around in our life. In many cases, they are only meant to vague what an investment really is. This makes our understanding of investments products very difficult and we are left lost on which investment vehicle to drive on. More often than not we are not confident of what we choosing and end up choosing the wrong investment. We work with you in making the investment world just as simple by making you understand the two major choices of Investment, Lender and the Owner.

Lending investments

We are a lender when we invest our money in a bank certificate of deposit (FD), a treasury bill, or a bond issued by a company like Reliance etc. In each case, we lend our money to an organization — a bank, the government, or Reliance. We are paid an agreed-upon rate of interest for lending our money. The worst that can happen with a lending investment is that we don’t get everything we are promised. Promises can be broken under extenuating circumstances. When a company goes bankrupt, for example, we can lose all or part of our original investment. Another risk is that of inflation which may reduce the purchasing power of our money. Also, the value of a bond may drop below what we paid for it if interest rates rise or the quality/risk of the issuing company declines. We help in guiding and choosing the right lending investment because the investment landscape is littered with carcasses of failed investments, this is not a result to take for granted.

Ownership investments

We are an owner when we invest our money in an asset, such as a company or real estate, that has the ability to generate earnings or profits. Suppose that we own 100 shares of XYZ Company Limited. We share in the profits of the company in the form of annual dividends and an increase (we hope) in the stock price if the company grows and becomes more profitable. If XYZ’s business declines, our stock may be worth less (or even worthless!). Real estate is another one of our favourite financially rewarding and time-honoured ownership investments. Real estate can produce profits when it’s rented out for more than the expense of owning the property or sold at a price higher than what we paid for it. We help in guiding and choosing the right ownership investment by discussing the risk appetite of the Investor and financial goal for which the investment is being made. 

Dissecting the Volume and Speed of Information

The investing landscape has been vastly transformed so that there are many unique challenges that modern investors face. The most daunting challenge is the sheer speed and volume of information. With time, many investors learn to filter out information and create a select pool of reliable sources that match their investing tastes. Even if we have a good handle on quality information, we can still get burned when inaccurate information or basic uncertainty hits the market. Advertising can sometimes push an investor toward an edge by hyping an investment that isn’t necessarily the best fit. We help in breaking down the huge volume of the information that is important and relevant for the investor so that an informed decision can be taken regarding the investment to be made in accordance with the financial plan. 

Finding the Right Resource

The difficulty of finding the right resource is tied to the challenge of much available information. As an investor, how do we find the good resources in the crowd? To be clear, having lots of choices and easy access to free resources is an overall win for the modern investor. But research can be daunting when there are so many choices. Even if we have a good handle on quality information, we can still get burned when inaccurate information or basic uncertainty hits the market. Inaccurate information still hits the market, even though the time to correction/exposure is often shorter. Inaccuracies can be honest mistakes, malicious rumours, or even financial fraud on the part of companies. We help in finding the right choice of investment by extensive research on the available choices to ensure that the suitable and reliable investment is chosen and mapped to the financial goal as per the financial plan.

Investment never goes out of fashion

Investing is Interesting

Challenge is not to pick the best investment. Challenge is to pick the right investment. It’s important to know what you want to accomplish with your investments before you actually invest.

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