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Creative Financial Solutions

Finance Gyan is the outcome of the idea of creating a one stop shop to help people at all income levels to take control of their financial future. We keep things simple and to the point enabling and empowering our clients in managing their money by helping them assess their true financial situation and take charge of their economic life. 

We are respected by our Clients for being enablers in building their financial future and also dealing effectively with their ongoing financial challenges and opportunities thus maximizing their finances to achieve their financial goals, be it wealth creation, children education, retirement planning, insurance etc. in a disciplined way securing them and their families in an organized manner.

Tarak founded Finance Gyan after having a successful career in managing several key positions in both Corporate and NPOs. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Law Graduate and presently on the Board of Directors of Welfin Group, a financial services company headquartered in Kolkata. His primary key skills are Financial Planning vis-à-vis Tax Planning and Compliance. His other key skills include Investment Strategies, Relationship Building, Market Growth & Expansion, Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy. He has worked with World Health Organization Project, CARE-India and his last engagement was as Asia Regional Representative with Trickle Up Program. 


Our goal

Help you take control of your financial future, achieve family financial goals in time, secure them financially from what can happen and prepare for an active and graceful retirement.

Mission Statement

Educate people at large and earn the trust of our Clients by providing objective advice and solutions in management of their Personal Finance requirements.

Vision Statement:

Be a trusted financial advisory entity that helps people in their different transitions of life’s financial cycles.

Live life with confidence

  • Core
  • Values
Finance Gyan
Honesty whatever we do
Safeguard customer interest
Holistic approach – 360 degree view
Client focused – highest level of service
Innovation of new ideas

and much more..

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our work begins with the highest ethical standards. Commitment in everything we do stimulates relationships with our clients that go way beyond a professional relationship. 

We endeavour and spend a lot of time and in knowing our clients, their priorities, their values and their goals in life. This is key to in order to offer the best possible advice. We always work in our client’s best interests and we never give any advice we wouldn’t take ourselves. It’s always an honor to help our clients reach their goals. We accomplish this by recommending a course of action that not only helps the performance of the portfolio but also supports the priorities of everyday life.


We help you create the life you want

We offer financial wings to let your dreams soar higher.

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